10 Reasons To Become A Visalus Distributor

It’s been about 7 months since I made the decision to become a Visalus distributor, and I can say in all honesty that it was the BEST DECISION EVER!  When I first started as a Visalus distributor, I was a little nervous because I had to tell people “I sell shakes.”

Little did I know that becoming a Visalus distributor was WAY beyond just “selling shakes”.


visalus distributorWhat Becoming A Visalus Distributor REALLY Means

When getting involved with Visalus Sciences, you have two options:  You can become a customer and buy the product or you can become a Visalus distributor.  Both customers and distributors have the ability to get their product for free by referring 3 people to The Challenge, but only distributors have the ability to get paid for those referrals.

So here is an observation I have made since I’ve joined ViSalus… People who make the decision to become a Visalus distributor often have far more success in hitting their health & fitness goals than just customers.

Why is this?

The reason behind this is because becoming a Visalus distributor dedicates you to a complete lifestyle change.

Allow me to explain.

When you become a customer of any type of health & fitness program, it is extremely easy to give up.  I’m not saying every single customer will fail.  I’m saying that the chances of a person quitting before hitting their health & fitness goals are greater as a customer.

On the flip side, becoming a Visalus distributor puts you in a different category… Commited.

In my personal opinion, I believe that becoming a Visalus distributor commits you to “walk the walk”, get in shape, and SHOW people what is possible.

It’s making a commitment to yourself and your team that you will 1) Use the products so that you are healthy, 2) Get in shape… and STAY in shape, and 3) Become a walking billboard for good health and supporting small business.

Becoming a Visalus distributor is about a radical change to the way you approach ANY obstacle that life throws your way.

Like anything in life, you want to make sure you have the best mentor around to grow your business, train your mindset, and take you step-by-step to success.  Check out how my Denver Visalus Distributor Team has been doing!


visalus distributor10 Reasons To Become A Visalus Distributor Today

While I could probably go on for pages and pages about why I LOVE being a Visalus distributor, here are a few reasons you should join my team today:

1. The shakes taste AMAZING!  No joke… I’ll eat just the shake mix raw sometimes.

2. If you’re a Visalus distributor, you get multiple tax advantages for running a home business.  Ask your accountant about these advantages!

3. Every 90 days I’m on a new fitness challenge.  I’m 27 years old and in the best shape of my life!

4. My Visalus distributor team has become a “second family”.  I have created new relationships that will last a lifetime.  My team is so awesome!

5. Visalus distributors receive step-by-step training to become successful in the first 30 days.  Plus, if you personally have me as a mentor, I get you in profit mode ASAP.  Kind of nice to have a mentor who can push you into great results, huh?

6. There is an endless number of shake recipes.  Literally THOUSANDS…

7. I get paychecks weekly and monthly.  These are automatically loaded onto a prepaid debit card provided by Visalus.

8.  Being a Visalus distributor turns you into a natural leader.  By helping your team succeed, YOU succeed.

9. My fiance said she can see my abs finally.  Enough said.

10. You get paid to party.  No joke.  Remember… this is NETWORK marketing.  Networking is actually way fun!


You Only Need To Ask Yourself One Question…

                        Are You Ready For The Challenge Of A Lifetime?


The Time Is Now.  Click Here To Join My ViSalus Distributor Team And Change Your Life Forever.


Also… Did I mention you can win a FREE BMW?  Just sayin :)

To A Blessed Future,

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